Services for Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy include the following:

  • Tongue Tie (Pre & post-frenectomy): Once the the lingual frenum (tongue tie) is released, there are exercises that can be done to help prevent the frena from reattaching and creating scar tissue.
  • Tongue thrust (immature swallow/reverse swallow): By treating the tongue thrust, this allows the orofacial muscles to learn and be able to have a properly functioning swallow
  • Incorrect rest posture (tongue position): When there is a good oral rest posture of the tongue, there is success with speech, swallowing and orthodontics
  • Open-Lips Resting Posture (Lip incompetence/open mouth rest posture/mouth breathing): By focusing on nasal breathing and having therapy, the lip strength becomes stronger and will stay closed at rest with no strain on any of the muscles.
  • Drooling: to help with drooling, there has to be lip closure, cheek strength, and proper swallowing to stop a drooling habit.
  • Elimination of habits (nail biting/pacifier/thumb sucking/finger sucking/tongue sucking/lip licking, etc.): By offering a positive habit cessation program, it will help someone discontinue their habit.

If you notice or someone else notices that you do or have any of these problems, we are here to help you. Berks Myo Spot, LLC, has a interdisciplinary approach to care and will work with other health care providers such as:  ENTs, orthodontics, general dentists, speech therapists, pediatricians, physical therapist, etc., to give you the best comprehensive care!